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Hemp Donations Owner Courtney Novotny

My journey began the summer of 2017. My dog started having unexplained medical episodes that appeared to be either body tremors or seizures. Originally taking her to the emergency vet and having several tests done, all results came back normal. A multitude of visits to her primary vet later, they were unable to 100% identify her episodes as seizures, but were pretty sure the episodes were a lesser severity of seizure. About a year later, I set out to find a natural way I could help my dog ease or get rid of these episodes without medication. After much research, the only thing I kept being drawn to was CBD oil and it’s multitude of benefits. Fast forward to today, and it is now my goal as the owner of Hemp Donations LLC, to offer the highest grade of Cannabidiol products to my customers. What makes Hemp Donations unique, setting us apart from other hemp companies, is that each sale of our products help raise funds for a variety of humanitarian needs. Each purchase online allows our customers to donate a pre-determined value while selecting their choice of donee from a list of charitable organizations affiliated with Hemp Donations LLC.

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All products contain 0 OR 0.03% or less THC. Products meet both Wisconsin State and Federal CBD regulations. Testing Results

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